myala helps you understand the ups and downs of your mind, and connects you to support.

myala is a self-tracking app for the mind that fosters human connection. It is for everyone, whether you are flourishing or languishing right now.

myala has been designed to use technology when it’s most useful and encourage human connection when it’s most important for you.

The tech bit…

The myala app encourages you to regularly check in with your feelings, your mood and other factors such as your motivation, sleep, mental focus and social interactions. Think of a myala ‘Check-in’ as a twice daily activity, just like brushing your teeth. It only takes about 30 seconds.

You can instantly view your data in easy to understand reports, charting how the factors that affect your mental health and wellbeing change over time. If you have an Apple Watch, Fitbit or Oura ring and choose to connect it to myala, your reports will also show your sleep data.

myala empowers you with your data to help you gain more emotional self-awareness.

The human bit…

Human connection is vital for good mental health. myala makes it easier to get support from others when you need it.

Get peer support offers mental health support from peers who get you because they share your life experiences and identity.

Send a myala signal
You can invite friends and family to be part of your support team. When you tap the myala signal button in the support section of the app, myala sends a text message to each person on your support team asking them to get in touch with you. We designed this feature with students, for students.

Support yourself.
Support your peers.

Peer supporters use their own lived experience of mental health challenges to help others. Flourish Labs is offering free training and paid part-time peer supporter jobs for college students.

Try the myala app.

myala is freely available to any student over the age of 16 studying in the US. You just need an email address ending in .edu to sign in. As a myala user, you can refer friends and family to try myala with your referral link, even if they are not a student.

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Project myala is a collaboration between a tech startup and mental health nonprofits.

We have come together to work on myala because we share a vision of a future where more people flourish in a world of good mental health and wellbeing. Each partner in our multi-disciplinary team brings their energy, unique experience and insight to myala.

Flourish Labs is a purpose-driven technology startup building the app and technology platform with a small but mighty team and the help of a multi-faceted advisory board.

Active Minds is the leading nonprofit organization supporting mental health awareness and education for young adults. They are our co-design and outreach partner.

Youth Era is a global leader in empowering young people through peer support, equipping them with tools to help themselves and their peers. They are designing a bespoke training program for myala members who want to become peer supporters.

Flourishing minds for all

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